"I would like to utter my evidence on how the program of Banda Bola Sports Foundation after school (program) has worked.

The decision made will infuse new ideas that should usher in much needed change that our learners as well as guardians are looking for. This program has brought a tremendous change on children/learners at Malenga Mzoma school, mainly those who attended after school program, because learners were unable to say alphabet and now they are able to... It has also changed the behavior of learners, mainly boys, consuming beer (sachets) before or after school. Now with this program learners know classroom conduct which is respect, no touching one another in a classroom, no pushing, no stealing, no fighting and no lies. They know three Ls which are Look, Listen and Learn.

This program has brought a dramatic change to our learners of Malenga Mzoma School and the surrounding areas and schools as well.

I therefore accord to what is happening at our school for this organization which is a non-profit and thereby assisting the community as a whole through helping school in sports and education and also needy children there eradicating poverty.

I appreciate coach Kalekeni Banda as president of Banda Bola Sports Foundation for the job well done. Although he has all the power to enable him to gain riches, but Banda Bola did not exploit this for self-aggrandisement. He lives a simple and humble life, probably beyond our imagination. Yes, it is still beyond our imagination because the community has seen how other organizations (owners) exploiting organizations to enrich themselves.

It's my appeal to you all well wishes in the USA and beyond to keep assisting/supporting Banda Bola Sports Foundation as well as the people of Chituka and Malawi as a whole. God bless you all abundantly. Bravo, bravo Coach Banda. God shower his blessings out onto you and add more days in your life..."

Lhoti M.