"My name is Blessings, supervisor for after school mentorship programme. My duty this afternoon is to outline the activities of the afternoon programme.

  1. The after school programme primarily is there to help children learn to read English and do maths. Why English? At Banda Bola we believe that if a child is able to read and understand English, he/she stands a better chance of doing well in the other subjects too. Since all subjects, except Chichewa, are examined in English.
  2. Here at Banda Bola after school mentorship programme we complement the morning school by doing revision with the children of what they learn in the morning.
  3. At Banda Bola we aim to make education interesting for children by providing different games and sports. We also provide educational materials such as exercise books, pens, pencils, rulers and other books relevant to education. The most needy are provided with clothes, shoes and uniforms.
  4. Children are taught basic learning skills of the three Ls. Look, Listen and Learn.
  5. Volunteers also have the opportunity of sharing their skills and experience with the children thereby developing leadership and organizational skills.

In short Banda Bola after school mentorship programme is a very important initiative worth supporting. At Banda Bola after school mentorship programme children always come first. We will strive to ensure that those children we register are retained in school and graduate with at least a primary school learning certificate.

Our prayer to God is that is that he continues showering his mercies on our beloved brother Kalekeni and his partners in the USA and elsewhere so that this programme grows from strength to strength.

We are proud to be associated with this programme.

Long live Banda Bola Sports Foundation."

Blessings B.