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You can help Banda Bola Sports Foundation improve the lives of Malawi children.  We are looking to bridge the gender gap to make sure that girls are given the same opportunities as boys and are encouraged to attend and complete primary school.  Through soccer, girls are given the opportunity to participate in a sport that is dominated by boys and teach children to share common goals.  We hope to change the mindset of what roles girls play in the community and how boys and girls view each other.

There are many ways to help, by providing direct financial support, donating items like school supplies, school clothing and sports equipment, or by volunteering your time.


The mission of Banda Bola Sports Foundation, Inc. (“Banda Bola”) is to provide support and service to the village youth in Malawi, Africa. These activities will be dedicated to and focused on improving the current and future standard of living for children in these areas. Specific focus areas will include promoting education, health and welfare. Banda Bola’s goals are to (a) provide after school sports and education mentoring programs for children in Malawi; and (b) enable Malawi children of limited financial means to attend school and participate in sports with proper financial support, school supplies and sports equipment.



Banda Bola Sports Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. EIN 26-3821877