Chituka Village is located in Nkhata Bay South District, Northern Malawi, Central Africa.

Children in Malawi face many adversities, including poverty, famine, disease and short life expectancies. Life expectancies are low. School attendance is not mandated by the government and, because of the various hardships they face, many children do not attend school. Those that do attend school lack basic supplies like pens, pencils and notebooks. The student-teacher ratio is as high as 80-to- 1, making individualized attention nearly impossible. As a result, many children do not have the opportunity to learn.

The children also face hardships at home that prevent them from attending school and deprive them of a sense of childhood. Many young girls find themselves taking on the role of a parent for their siblings or are pressured to marry at an early age.

The Banda Bola Sports Foundation-Chituka Village Project plans to effect change in these areas. We are providing basic resources and offering after-school sports activities and educational tutoring. The Foundation has partnered with local organizations, Mzuzu University, secondary schools and soccer clubs to secure volunteer mentors and coaches. The result will be bright futures and endless possibilities for those who participate.

Banda Bola Scholastic Soccer League for Boys and Girls

This league for both boys and girls promotes attendance, retention and graduation from primary school.  The League is in Nkhata Bay South District.  Presently we have over 600 children participating from 10 schools and anticipate expansion of the league to cover over 40 schools.

After School Mentoring Program at Malenga Mzoma Primary School in Chituka Village

This mentoring program emphasizes reading English for standard grades 1-7. There are over 250 children registered for this program.

School Vacation Soccer Clinics

These clinics are structured to give children the opportunity to participate in activities when there is no school. It generates interest for the younger children and encompasses grades 1-5.

Vacation Reading Workshops

These reading workshops are incorporated before, during and after soccer clinics. The children read aloud to each other and are read to by volunteers and mentors. The purpose of these workshops is to promote and encourage children to read and to stimulate their imaginations.

High School Reading Program

We are providing reading materials to three local high schools so students can read to local area children at the primary school level.

Mzuzu area primary school scholastic soccer league

This league is being supervised by the Mzuzu Rotary Club and Mzuzu University. Among Mzuzu City’s primary schools, 10 schools have been identified and equipped by the Foundation with soccer balls.


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