To encourage children in Malawi, Africa to attend school by providing after school sports programs.

To accumulate and raise funds for the acquisition of school supplies and sports equipment in order to enable children with limited financial ability in Malawi, Africa to attend school and participate in sports.

To promote, encourage and educate children in Malawi, Africa in the principles of athletics, sportsmanship, and teamwork.


Banda Bola Sports Foundation was established to provide after school mentoring and sports activities for children with limited access to primary school education. Presently, over 40 primary schools in Nkhata Bay South are receiving our support. The Foundation will create partnerships with Mzuzu University, local secondary schools and sports clubs for mentors and instructors.

 Establish after school activities and school sports leagues.

 Provide mentors/tutors

 Improve general health issues for children and families

Establish and implement a support system for family members to sustain the children's development.