Second Container Is Delivered

A second container of donations was shipped in September 2012 and arrived in December.  In addition to donations from individuals and organizations who helped with the first shipment, we had the support of local Rotarians and more local Capital Region organizations, churches and schools, as well as from universities around the country. 

After School Program Establishes Guidelines and Recruits Secondary School Volunteers

It was important to encourage and improve the attendance and retention of students in the after school program.  The Foundation worked with local leaders and the school committee members at Malenga Mzoma Primary School and came up with a registration procedure.  By asking parents and guardians to be involved in the education of their children, even in this small way of registration, the parents learn to value educating their sons and daughters.    The school officials agreed to keep attendance records which also added to the seriousness of the program.  Coach Banda recruited local secondary school students to volunteer in the after school program.

Scholastic Soccer League for Girls and Boys Expands

The Primary School League expanded to include all 10 primary schools in the Bandawe zone.  Each school fields and supports 2 boys teams and 1 girls team in the league. A committee of representatives from each school was formed to oversee the league, enforce rules, manage equipment and schedule matches.  Over 650 boys and girls participate.

Volunteer coaches from Holland and the US brought extra equipment and ran clinics for the coaches and for the school children of the Bandawe school zone.

Soccer Equipment Donated Throughout Nkhata Bay District

To lay the groundwork for expansion of the league, Coach Banda worked with two prominent local leaders, former Member of Parliament of Nkhata Bay East, the Honorable Reverend David Mphande, and PhD. and Member of Parliament of Nkhata Bay South, Emily Chinthu Phiri.  They distributed start-up equipment to over 50 schools in the Nkhata Bay District.  Each school received two soccer balls and pledged to start teams for girls and for boys who will be included in the Banda Bola Sports Foundation Scholastic Soccer League for Girls and Boys.