Fourth Container Is Delivered

Kickin’ Back, LTD, based in Poughkeepsie NY, became a partner in 2017 and shares
our belief that sports can be used for social change. In 2018, Kickin’ Back shipped a
40-foot container of supplies to our program in Malawi. The soccer equipment,
sports bras and children’s books, which were donations from clubs, players and
families in their area, were distributed to over 35 schools in Malawi.

Soccer Field Project Underway

Make Your Own Ball Day provided funds to begin construction of a soccer field.
Field infrastructure work began in May 2018 and a group of MYOBD volunteers
returned to Malawi in December to help complete the project. In 2017, this
Indiana-based foundation partnered with us and sent 16 volunteers who ran clinics
in 10 schools. MYOBD donated and distributed soccer equipment and soccer balls.

Coaches Across Continents Complete Program

Coaches Across Continents returned to Chituka Village and completed its 3-year
in-country commitment to help build infrastructure and support for our programs.
In 2018 CAC trained 60 volunteer coaches, quadruple the number from the first year
(15) and three times more than the second year (20). CAC ran soccer clinics, taught
in schools, and discussed development issues like human rights and gender equality.
CAC will continue its partnership with us through its resources and training

Meal Program Offered in After School Mentoring Program

Attendance at the After School Mentoring Program improved greatly once it began
providing a hot meal to students. Because children walk long distances to school, it
was often impossible for a child to return home for a meal between school and the
afterschool program. Parent volunteers take turns preparing and serving the meals.

Malawi Highlights

Banda Bola Sports Foundation registered with CONGOMA and is established as an
NGO in Malawi.

Historic First: Three students from Malenga Mzoma Primary School were selected
for National Secondary School.